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To inspire, guide and facilitate all thought and efforts towards the advancement of Market Research in Sri Lanka

The Market Research Society of Sri Lanka is founded on, and aspires to achieve through its thought, deed and efforts, directly or indirectly, but not restricted to, the following overarching objectives, as outlined below. Fundamentally, all actions and efforts would be towards the ultimate objective of the Society, i.e.- To Promote, improve, propagate and protect the field of Market Research in Sri Lanka.

  • Building awareness & familiarity for market research

    To educate & inform its stakeholders about Market Research, its application and benefits, and strive to increase the level of awareness, familiarity and usage of Market Research. 
  • To secure recognition and respectability for the field of Market Research

    To secure recognition and respectability to the art and science of market research and build confidence aspiration, and pride amongst its stakeholders
  • Be an inspiring body of knowledge about market research

    To be a robust body of knowledge about Market Research – methods, practices, techniques, thinking, which its stakeholders could source and learn from.
  • To build Professional, Ethical and Quality Standards into Practice and Usage of Market Research

    To develop, adopt and implement self-regulatory Quality Control frameworks, just and equitable principles and guidelines of Code-of-Conduct, which encourages professional and ethical standards in the practice and usage of Market Research and to deal with matters pertaining to the same.
  • To work towards creating a steady human resource capital for the field of market research

    To create a steady stream of talented individuals who aspire to build a career in Market Research, by undertaking activities that create interest and appreciation for Market Research amongst relevant students, academicians and Educational Institutions, and fosters industry-academy interface.
  • To be a platform to showcase and disseminate the latest and the best in the field of market research

    To be a platform to show case & disseminate best practices, global developments, unique and outstanding work in all fields of Market Research by conducting seminars, workshops, publishing newsletters and other such activities of dissemination.
  • To contribute towards the betterment of society

    To engage and work closely with the government, public sector offices, organizations which deals with / supply information to the government and public sector (like census and statistics) to influence government decisions and policy making with accurate, timely and relevant information and advice, which would contribute to the socio-economic development in the country.
  • To do all such other lawful things as incidental and conducive to attainment of above objects.