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Membership FAQs

MRSSL membership is not transferrable, since it is authorized specifically depending on the individual’s details, and also because each member has agreed to conduct by the Code of Professional Behaviour. The only occasion it may be transferable is if the person’s membership fees have been paid by the company on the member’s behalf, that is only if and when the person leaves the company. Even if so, the person to whom the fees are transferred should apply and be approved as a member before the transferred fees to their membership. Feel free to contact our office with regard to this.


That would not be necessary. Since the membership remains under your own name, this wouldn’t be affected if you happen to change your company. On our end, we will update your membership details so that you can resume your membership fees from then on taking into considerations, the amount necessary for the rest of the year. Feel free to contact our office with regard to this.

If we are able to locate details of your earlier membership in our archive, we can reactivate your membership, therefore reapplication wouldn’t be necessary. It will reactivated at the same level of the previously applied membership.