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Professional Member

Category Professional Member (Individual / MR Practitioner)
Rights Voting
Election into office
Annual Fee 3000/=
Eligibility criteria
  1. Market Research Professionals – those currently in the industry as an active practitioner (this excludes shareholders and Board members of MR companies who are not current MR professionals)2. MR Professionals holding Senior Managerial positions – involved in providing strategic research solutions and business management. It should not be a role that is only limited to a functional role3. With 6+ yrs of experience in Managerial position4. The experience could be cumulative across different any organizations5. If the member leaves the profession of MR and moves on to another profession, membership status has to be reviewed. The individual will be allowed a 3 month ‘interim membership’ status (without voting & election right) to reapply into any relevant membership category or resign
    – If the members has moved into being a user of MR in a Marketing organization – should change membership category accordingly, by submitting a fresh application
    – If the member has moved into a profession that has no role for MR in it – should resign from the Association

    6. The head of the organization must certify the application

    7. The application needs to be Sponsored by 2 Professional Members